Welcome to our website on building a new progressive seniors organization in Canada – an organization to rally and organize Canadians age 50 and over. We have a new name CAUS Canadian Alliance of United Seniors and are proceeding to set up a fully functioning organization by September 2014

Our intention is to design, build and develop a strong national organization that can reach and attract a significant portion of Canadian seniors who are still working, seeking work or retired – and create a strong, effective voice for progressive programs and policies for seniors.

This is a work in progress. We are working with existing seniors organizations across Canada to discuss strategic priorities and the best way to achieve our mutual objectives.

The development process is being guided by an interim project committee which can be contacted through John Anderson at andersjs1@gmail.com or at 613-290-0016. Interested people are encouraged to contact us. We would be pleased to add you to our mailing list.

If you can help us out to get started and help with such issues as incorporation and website costs, please send any cheques made out to Canadian Allaince of United Seniors:

Canadian Alliance of United Seniors,  PO Box 4340, Station E,  Ottawa ON, K1S 5B3

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