Canada Pension Plan payments are too low and too gender-biased

Canada Pension Plan payments are a key part of any retirement plan. But the actual payments made to millions of Canadian seniors are too low and the average payments are much lower for women. As figures from the latest actuarial report of the CPP (see table below) show, the average monthly payment, in December 2012 was $639 for men and a very low $410  for women. Both of these are below the $1065 per month CPP maximum for 2015. These figures show why we need a greatly expanded CPP and if we cannot get a national expansion then provincial plans as has been proposed by the Ontario government which would roughly double the CPP payments.

For the CPP see:

For the Ontario plan see

CPP Pensions Payable as at 31 December 2012
Benefit Type Number of Beneficiaries in pay Average Monthly Benefit
Males Females Males Females
(in thousands) ($) ($)
Retirement 2,087 2,174 639 410
– Aged less than 65 52 179 329 392
– Aged 65 and over 130 686 99 347
Disability 155 176 891 808


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