LifeView: 80% of Canadians see the importance of keeping seniors connected through Internet technology

Contributed by admin on Feb 12, 2015 – 07:43 AM

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Data from the .CA Community Investment Program and Ipsos Reid examines how digital technology links families

OTTAWA, Feb. 12, 2015 /CNW/ – A new poll released today by the .CA Community Investment Program and Ipsos Reid shatters the traditional view of the Internet as a tool for the young and signals that Canadian seniors want to share in the benefits of the digital revolution.

86 per cent of Canadians, including those over 55 (90%) and those caring for a parent over 65 (87%), agree that providing better access to the Internet, along with training on how to use it, would help older Canadians stay better connected to their communities and families.

“With one in six Canadians now over the age of 65, this study confirms the urgency of supporting projects that connectCanada’s seniors with digital skills,” said David Fowler, Director of Marketing and Communications for .CA. “Investing in the Internet is critical to business and economic growth, but we also see benefits in keeping families, friends and communities connected.”

Recognising this demand from older Canadians for new digital skills need for resources to keep seniors connected, the Nova Scotia Community Access Program, with support from the .CA Community Investment Program, is launchingConnecting Older Adults with Mobile Technology, a training program that will help seniors use tablets to access information and communicate with family.

Summary of results:

  • Older Canadians are more likely to see the importance of connecting seniors than younger Canadians.
  • 84 per cent of respondents consider the Internet to be important to completing everyday tasks such as e-commerce, banking or accessing government services.
  • 77 per cent of respondents regard the Internet as important to maintaining safety and security.
  • 57 per cent of Canadians with a parent nearing retirement report that the Internet is “very important” to keeping in touch with family and friends.
  • 47% of those caring for a senior consider the Internet to be “very important” to maintaining safety and security (emergency contact, remote monitoring)

For more information on this survey data, consult the factsheet.

About .CA and the Community Investment Program

Through the Community Investment Program, .CA funds projects that aim to build a better Internet in Canada. The .CA team manages Canada’s country code top-level domain on behalf of all Canadians. A Member-driven organization, .CA represents the interests of Canada’s Internet community internationally. Funding through the .CA Community Investment Program is open to not-for-profits, charities, community groups and researchers. Applications are being acceptedonline until March 6.

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