New report calls for homecare reform in Ontario

Click to access home-care-the-care-we-need-report-final.pdf

Here is a excerpt from the report from the Ontario Health Coalition.

The Care We Need

A new Medicare was established when hospitals
cared for the ill and homecare for the frail. This
has changed dramatically over the last thirty
years, with much more clinical care provided at
home as well as a growing number of frail
elderly and the disabled requiring support at
home. At the same time, the commitment of
Canadians to the right to health care based on
need rather than income has not declined.
Indeed, support for this value has grown. To
modernize the system we need to recognize
the principles of the Canada Health Act and
apply them to the full range of services that
people need.
For more than two decades, Ontario
governments have pursued policies centred on
cutting hospitals. At the same time,
governments have failed to create and enforce
clear standards for accessible home care as
patients are moved to the community. In
effect, the continual failure to establish a clear
right to access medically necessary home care
amounts to an erosion in the scope of our
public health coverage. Today, the
patients find their ability to access
publicly-funded care in community
settings to be severely rationed,
poorly organized and subject to
user fees.
Ontario’s home care system is
struggling; unable to meet the
burden of the downloaded patients
from hospitals with ever more
complex needs for post-acute care
and rehabilitation, and, at the same
time, provide a wider array of
services to support longer-term care
at home for the elderly and persons
with disabilities and chronic
illnesses. ….

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