Seniors Vote initiative launches on April 20

The Seniors Vote initiative was formally launched at a meeting in Ottawa held at the Canadian Nurses Association.

Susan Eng, CARP, Pat Kerwin, CURC, Herb John, National Pensioners Federation, Anne Sutherland Boal from the CNA as well as John Anderson, CAUS were the Seniors Vote panel which presented on the for four issues of income, healthcare, housing(me) and inequality.
Each of presenter was paired with an MP who responded to our asks. John Anderson presented on housing and was paired with Elizabeth May on the housing issues. The other MPs present were Irene Mathyssen and John Rafferty, NDP and John McCallum and Hedy Fry, Liberals. The government sent a representative from Alice Wong’s office and other civil servants and there were a number of press and NGO representatives present.
CBC as well as Ipolitics published some articles and Susan Eng and Herb John were on CBC Power and Politics that day.
 IMG_20150420_120617 (1)

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